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Which Simon and Garfunkel Album Are You?

Pick the set of words that best describes you:
Optimistic, friendly, caring.
Organized, fun-loving, realistic.
Rowdy, cynical, random.
Reserved, kind, passionate.
Pessimistic, quiet, brooding.

What's your favorite musical instrument?
Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar
Horns or other brass instrument
Flute or other woodwind

What's your favorite color?

Are you a control freak?
Not at all. I take things as they come.
Not really; what happens happens, and I don't have any say in it.
Only when something is very important to me.
I try, but sometimes things get out of hand.

If you walked into a party and immediately tripped and spilled the punch bowl, what would happen?
I don't go to parties.
No one would notice or care.
I'd go quietly visit with the people I came to see, then slink off before too many people got a chance to mock me.
I'd shrug, offer to quickly clean up the mess, then join the party and have a good time.
I'd make some witty remark and brush the incident off, and my friends and I might look back on it and laugh.

Given the opportunity, would you do drugs?
No way!
Nah. Life's weird enough as is.
Doubtful. I like to stay in control.
Maybe, just to see what it's like.
In the past I would, but not anymore.
Sure. Why not?
What do you mean, "given the opportunity"? I already do.

If you have a problem that you turn to someone for help with, who do you choose?
Any one of my friends. They'll listen and help out.
My therapist.
My best friend or significant other.
Someone who I know has had a similar problem.
A co-worker.

If you have a problem that you choose to solve youself, why did you decide that?
My friends all come to me for advice and tell me I'm pretty helpful.
I can solve it fairly easily on my own without any help.
I shouldn't burden anyone; they've got enough problems of their own.
The more people I get involved with it, the more likely something will get screwed up.
There's no one I want to turn to with my problems.

What's most important in a significant other?
Sense of humor
Being alive

There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's. How do you do it?
I don't eat 'em.
Remove the center first
Big bites
Little nibbles
All at once

What would you do if a small animal came up to you?
Hug and cuddle it, and possibly adopt it.
Pat it tentatively and continue with what I'm doing.
Start looking for its owner.
Eye it warily until it left me alone.
Kick it.

If you kept a journal or diary, it would primarily contain:
A narration of the events of any particular day.
Whining, griping, grumbling, and/or ranting about specific people or the world at large.
In-jokes and obscure cultural references.
My to-do list for the week.
My to-do list for my life.

This quiz is just for fun - don't take the results too seriously!

If nothing happens, make sure you've answered all the questions, and if it still doesn't work, check to make sure you have Javascript turned on.

Quiz by Andrea L. Robinson. Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial.