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Website Credits
About the Webmaster...
I am a 2002 graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, where I received my bachelor of arts degree in English. I am now a graduate student in English and working part-time as a copy editor. I discovered Simon and Garfunkel in late August 1999 when I borrowed my parents' old cassette of Greatest Hits.

Site History
I began building the archive in late December 1999, and it first went live in January 2000 on Later, a mirror site was added on During this time the site underwent several minor cosmetic changes. In the spring of 2002, the popularity of the archive forced free providers to become a thing of the past, and in May 2002, the Simon and Garfunkel Lyrics Archive went live on with an all new design. Look, Ma! No ads!

Special Thanks To...
Aaron, for helping me find out the sequencers for some of the MIDIs, and for touching up one of the MIDIs of "Anji" for me.
Christopher, for transcribing and translating the lyrics to "Benedictus" from Latin to English.
Dick Darragh, the eBay seller from whom I won a t-shirt from Simon and Garfunkel's 1983 tour.
Gabor Legradi, for letting me know about the connection between "American Tune" and "Ich will hier bei dir stehen."
George Cadero, for granting permission to post some of the MIDIs from his site.
Juan M. Sartal, for correcting the transcription of "Benedictus."
Kaire, for translating the Russian phrases on the links page.
Lanlin Wong, the eBay seller from whom I won a Simon and Garfunkel poster. (Upon further investigation, it's a facsimile of the poster included with the original Bookends LP. Cool!)
Michael, for granting permission to post some of the MIDIs from his site.
Rudi of Song For The Asking, for allowing me to borrow and modify his disclaimer text.
Ugo Coppola, for asking me to transcribe "Voices Of Old People" (the request was what finally encouraged me to get off my butt and do it), and for the suggestions on a few of the more muddled parts of the track.
The many people who have provided assistance in translating "Feuilles-O" from French/French Creole to English.
The various friends and family members who put up with and feed my S&G habit:
Aaron, for the S&G boxed set and the sheet music.
Gary and Steve, for the other S&G boxed set and the gift card that helped me buy The Columbia Studio Recordings.
Grandma Holmes, for my copy of Live From New York City, 1967.
Uncle Tom, for Paul Simon's You're The One album.
Mom and Dad, for the actual vinyl LPs, the video of Paul Simon's "You're The One" concert, the import version of Concert in Central Park/20 Greatest Hits, the video of the 1981 concert in Central Park, and the continued perusal of their cassette copy of Greatest Hits. (Yeah, at this point that can probably be taken to mean that they'll never get it back.)