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An alphabetical collection of links to other websites devoted to (or at least discussing) Simon and Garfunkel. I'm looking for more, especially sites in languages other than English, so please e-mail me with the addresses of any sites that have proven useful to you. These links will open in a separate browser window.

Regarding the foreign language links: I've retained very little of my four years of Spanish, know only the most random vocabulary words in Japanese, and doubt that my first-year Latin is going to be terribly useful in reading web pages. In other words, while the English links are carefully selected based on layout, content, and professionalism, just about the only criteria I have for the foreign language links are that they exist and that I can tell that they're about Simon and/or Garfunkel, and I apologize in advance if any of them are of low quality.

Official Websites
  • The Art Garfunkel Website - Art's official site, and there's a lot more here than music info; a lot of the focus is on Art Garfunkel the man rather than Art Garfunkel the singer, and I like that take on it.
  • - The official, very nicely done Warner Brothers site. Requires the Flash 5 plug-in. Contains lyrics for everything he's written.
  • Simon and Garfunkel - Sony Music/Columbia Records' official site for the duo.
  • Simon and/or Garfunkel
  • Acoustic Guitar Song Collection - Tab, lyrics, video, audio, comments, and some neat rare interviews. Great page; includes a section for Paul Simon, as well as a few other artists.
  • The Covers Project: Simon and Garfunkel - Part of a large database of many different artists, this page contains a list of songs by Simon and Garfunkel and by whom they have been covered, as well as songs covered by Simon and Garfunkel. You'll find a shorter page of additional information here, thanks to a common misspelling of Art Garfunkel's last name.
  • Database of Simon and Garfunkel in Japan - I include this here only because it's the English version of the same site listed below under "Foreign Language Sites."
  • GoldHat Music - The website for Mark Easley, a guitarist who has covered, among other things, a fair number of S&G songs. The site has downloadable MP3s of much of his work. It isn't of the best quality, but in my opinion, the highlights are "The Boxer" and John Denver's "Annie's Song." He also has a page on that includes a dark, edgy cover of "Anji," which, aside from the squeaky guitar strings, is his best yet.
  • The Neck Of My Guitar - News, some very nice live MP3s, and a few lyrics with side-by-side German translations. Has a full German mirror, listed below under "Foreign Language Sites," but in both cases I'm linking to just the main splash page, from which you can select which language you want to view it in.
  • Play Garfunkel! - Just a fun site; it's the appropriately-named online counterpart of that old color/sound-matching toy "Simon."
  • Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame: Simon and Garfunkel - Yahoo describes this site as "discussing the duo's literate brand of folk rock." That works. Just one page.
  • Scarborough Fair - "Background information about the town of Scarborough, its famous fair, and the legend behind the English folk song made famous by S&G." (A Japanese version of this page appears below under "Foreign Language Sites.")
  • Simon and Garfunkel - Biography, nice discography, list of the 45 rpm singles, and RealPlayer clips distinguish this site. I like the idea of naming the parts of the site after song titles.
  • The Simon and Garfunkel Home Page - Pretty well done; copies of interviews, some tab, and lyrics for most S&G work as well as three or four of Paul's solo outings. Lyrics pages are full album text files, making it difficult to find exactly what you want unless you know what album it's from.
  • The Simon and Garfunkel Online Resource - Lots of information and links; more of a focus on the boys, their lives, and their careers (separately and together) rather than on their music. Great FAQ, very comprehensive. Probably the best site out there for factual information.
  • Simon and Garfunkel Quotes - Some comments from Paul and Art about the development of some of the songs.
  • Song For The Asking - Really well-done; the S&G fan community's best source of news.
  • Top Ten Messages Left On Paul Simon's Answering Machine - From the February 24, 2003 Late Show with David Letterman, Dave's top ten list the day after S&G performed at the Grammy Awards. My favorites are #4 and #1.
  • Wilson and Alroy's Record Reviews - This links you directly to the Simon and Garfunkel reviews. These reviews differ from mine in that they take the albums as wholes rather than individual songs.

  • Foreign Language Sites
    (Currently covers Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.)

    • Simon and Garfunkel - A short history that does some lyrical analysis. Mostly in French, except for the lyrics it quotes. I was surprised to find the Archive listed in the links section right along with the S&G Online Resource!
    • The Neck Of My Guitar - News, some very nice live MP3s, and a few lyrics with side-by-side German translations. Has a full English mirror, listed above.
    • Simon and Garfunkel - A biography of the group, Real Audio clips, a few lyrics, and a less-than-spectacular album list. Entirely in Hungarian except for the lyrics.
    • But My Words... - A Paul Simon site. Entirely in Japanese.
    • Database of Simon and Garfunkel in Japan - Entirely in Japanese.
    • I Only Have Eyes For You - A website for Art Garfunkel's Japanese-speaking fans. Apparently there are a lot - according to his official website, he tours there regularly. Entirely in Japanese.
    • Salmon and Garlic - Hiroshi Nishi's page contains tab, RealPlayer files of his own renditions of S&G songs, and accounts of his meeting with Art Garfunkel. I like the Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m.-themed buttons and layout. It's thanks to this page that I have so many links to other Japanese pages. Updates have been fairly regular in recent months. Mostly in Japanese, but portions of it are also available in English. Worth visiting.
    • Scarborough Fair - "Background information about the town of Scarborough, its famous fair, and the legend behind the English folk song made famous by S&G." Entirely in Japanese.
    • Ladies and Gentlemen! Simon and Garfunkel! - Well, I like the reference to the beginning of the concert in Central Park. Other than that, I have no clue. Entirely in Japanese.
    • Simon and Garfunkel - News and what appears to be a wealth of information. Entirely in Japanese.
    • Simon & Garfunkel Web Forum For Japanese Fans - Multi-topic forums that look fairly active. Let me tell you, I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing links to my site in languages I can't read - not that I'm complaining! Discussions include, among other things, fan club meetings. The site also includes news, a mailing list, and an interview with Roy Halee.
    • Simon's Cafe - Warner Brothers Music's official Japanese site for Paul Simon. Entirely in Japanese.
    • Sony Music Online Japan: Art Garfunkel - Sony Music International's official Japanese site for Airt Garfunkel. Entirely in Japanese.
    • Sony Music Online Japan: Simon and Garfunkel - Sony Music International's official Japanese site for the duo. Entirely in Japanese.
    • Paul Simon - Covers Paul's solo work as well as the S&G years. Seems extensive, and has track listings for a few live bootlegs. Entirely in Norwegian.
    • The Sound Of Simon - Great content, with lyrics, biographies, discographies, pictures, and more for Paul Simon as a solo artist as well as Simon and Garfunkel. Has some good downloads including a game, some rare live MP3s (the highlight: Paul Simon and the Muppets perform "Scarborough Fair"), and some relatively nice desktop wallpaper (better than what I offer here at the archive). Entirely in Spanish, but worth visiting for non-Spanish speakers purely for the downloads.
    • Paul Simon - Very nicely laid-out page devoted to Paul and his music. Mostly in Swedish.